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Personal Trainer Federal Way

Personal Trainer Federal Way

One On One Personal Training

When you need someone with the knowledge and motivation to help you to achieve your fitness goals, nothing will get you their faster than a good personal training program. We will develop a custom plan to help you achieve your fitness goals and we will be there to motivate, educate, and assist you rep after rep.

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Training takes all the benefits of our One-on-One training and lets you share that experience with someone else. Not only do some people find it more fun, it is is also cost effective when you are sharing your session time with family, co-workers and friends. (Small group training is limited to 5 people per session)

Specialized/Custom Training

Need Help Getting ready for: Football, Basketball, Track, or any other sports?  We will specifically train you to increase your performance level in any sport.  Our strength and Conditioning programs are designed with Elite Level Performance in mind.  Come ready and we will take you to the next level. Call or email us today! 

Military, Law Enforcement, Civil Service, we can get you ready for your PT test no matter what level your fitness is at now.  We specialize in functional fitness for Tactical professionals.  Private sessions for one or the entire company. Call or email us to find out how we can help you perform at your best everyday!   

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